Adventurous Engagement Session in Blue Ridge

We had such a great time during Audrey & Jake’s adventurous engagement session. We started our night together after I left an elopement in the Blue Ridge mountains to spend the night with them because we were starting our hike at sunrise. Sweet Audrey waited on me to arrive with open arms. Her hugs are truly the very best. We all talked, laughed, shared stories of life as we drank around a warm fire. We woke to rain but decided to grab Starbucks and start our adventure. We drove over an hour into the mountains jamming out to Odesza. We danced and laughed to entire way there. We ran around Boyd Gap then hiked 3 miles to the most beautiful waterfall at Turtletown Creek. We ran around barefoot as we danced in the rain while jumping over rocks getting blasted from a raging waterfall. It was an epic adventure I will never ever forget. Cheers to their love for adventure but most of all their love for each other.


Wedding at Enterprise Mill Events & Catering | Augusta Wedding Photographers

Kaley & Darrell are just incredible people. You may remember them from their engagement session I shared and if you missed it, here it is - Kaley & Darrell. Kaley is also a photographer and her work is absolutely beautiful. So, I knew when she reached out to me about shooting her wedding at Enterprise Mill, it would be insanely stunning and I had to be a part of it.

Everything about their day was meaningful and intentional. From Kaley’s sister being there every step of the way and being her maid of honor. Her father praying over Darrell before the ceremony. Darrell’s father being his best man. Having a first look with Kaley’s father and grandfather. This couple is all about family and that is exactly how they envisioned their wedding day to feel like. Surround by the love of their families as they embark on this grand journey as one.

I’m super thankful for these two and the lifelong friendship we have made. Cheers to Kaley & Darrell!

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Intimate Wedding at Big Canoe | Blue Ridge Wedding Photographers

McKenzie and Taylor reached out to me about 30 days before their wedding in Big Canoe and I remember barely sleeping that night from the excitement, not just because I was eager to explore more of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but because everything they valued, I valued, and the way McKenzie described her thoughts into every part of their planning, I knew I had to be a part of it.

The biggest thing they wanted was for their wedding to be an experience, one that everyone close to them was a part of in some way and in a special place that held meaning for them. Their wedding day was so beautiful and full of meaning and emotion. From hand written letters, getting ready with their dearest people, McKenzie’s sister making all the floral arrangements, Taylor’s family catering all the amazing food, lots of laughs and even more I love yous. These are good people and I still can’t believe I was there to witness this genuine, joy-filled celebration.

Cheers to my first wedding in 2019! We celebrated hard but loved even harder. I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year holds.


The Barn at Collins Family Farm Wedding | Augusta Wedding Photographers

Allie & Jonathan proved that a large wedding can feel intimate and wildly romantic. Focused on family and celebration, they chose The Barn at Collins to share their vows with 200 of their closest family and friends. They began the day with little loves notes and laughs, followed by the sweetest first look I’ve ever seen. A rainy forecast may have been stressful for some couples but not Johnathan and Allie. They simply moved their ceremony inside, which was absolutely perfect. After an emotional vow exchange, they ran outside to celebrate in the rain. Regardless of the weather, they laughed, kissed and danced the night away. It was clear from the beginning how much family means to them. They ended the night surrounded by love as their family and friends prayed over them. It was beautiful.

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Black Balsam Knob Elopement | Ashville Wedding Photographer

If your local to the Ashville area, you’ve probably heard of Black Balsam Knob in the Pisgah National Forest. With easy access right of the parkway and a fairly easy hike with stunningly beautiful views from the top, make this a perfect destination for eloping. For years I’ve dreamed of photographing an intimate wedding or elopement in a place like this and now that the experience has happened, there is so much I have to say. Firstly I want to thank everyone involved in this shoot, who I will list below. It was a dream working with you all and from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Our day started with a 3am alarm and a two hour drive to meet Josh and Anna near Looking Glass Falls. While they were waiting for us to arrive, they seen a bear. Totally freaked out they gave us a ring and we talked to them almost the entire drive there. We could not stop laughing. Giving suggestions about what to do if the bear approached them. Stand up big and tall, make big noises, run, get on the ground in the fetal position, it was hilarious. Once we arrived and gave them a big hug, we all jumped in the car and headed up the mountain. When we arrived to the trail head we all realized how dark it was going to be while hiking…. in bear infested woods.. truth be told, we were scared shitless. We huddled together, never getting as far as arms reach from each other. Once we neared the top, Josh got a huge cramp in his leg (remember to stretch before a hike) which we did not do because the excitement to reach the top made us forget everything about everything. He was a trooper and finished the hike.

Once we reached the top, we all just stood there and said nothing. Blown away by the beauty that was around us. It truly took our breath away. I love places like this. Places that force you to put down your camera and just gaze in its beauty. The sunrise, views, clouds, weather was perfect. Our adventure was perfect. We ended our time together with breakfast at Granny’s. A little restaurant tucked away in a little shopping center in Brevard, NC. If you get the chance to go, do it and make sure to order one of her giant pancakes!

black balsam knob elopement

Josh Royston

Anna Gilliland

Russell Double

Melissa Runyon


Intimate Backyard Wedding | Augusta Wedding Photographers

Catiyln and Mike had the sweetest intimate backyard wedding. Everything about their day was full of warmth and love. From the moment I arrived, I felt included and welcomed as part of the family. I knew right away this day was going to be amazing.

Gathered around a hand full of friends and family, they said their vows under a big beautiful oak tree then celebrated with coffee and a bonfire! They kept things simple and true to who they are. This is why I have such a huge place in my heart for small weddings. No stress, no expectations, just love.

Sweet words from Catiyln:

Two of the past three years I have been content. It was just me and my Marshall.. enjoying life together. Just us, everyday. I had no need for anyone else to love. This past year the same has continued although, I started to have a longing for someone to share Saturday morning huddle house coffee with.. someone to connect with, to share stories, and most importantly someone fellowship with who shared the same love for God. So I prayed. I prayed for God to send me someone who just knocked me off my feet, and someone who was just as crazy about me. Someone who without a doubt had been sent by Him. Because if I had to question it then I couldn’t even entertain the idea. Then in July.. God sent him.. the one whom my soul loves. Someone to pray with, worship with, lean on, laugh with, and occasionally share Saturday morning coffee with.


Cloudland Canyon Elopement | North Georgia Wedding Photographer

We started the day with a little hike down to Cloudland Canyon, talking and laughing like old buds that haven’t seen each other in years. As we approached Hemock Falls the sound of the water made my heart flutter. This was my first time visiting Cloudland Canyon State Park, right outside of Chattanooga in a cute little town called Rising Fawn. Once we reached the bottom, Shelby and Mike headed off into a little patch of forest to get dressed. Listening to the laughter coming from behind me while staring at this beautiful waterfall made me realize how honored I was to experience this with them. We spent the day climbing rocks, playing in water while talking, listening and connecting. As Mike began reading his vows, Shelby started to cry. Gently wiping away the tears and kissing her hand, he continued reading. In that moment, I realized how much couple’s need a space away from people on a wedding day. A moment to just breathe and be in each others arms. A space filled with authenticity and connection. We ended the day with tears and big hugs. I love you guys!

Big thanks to Laura for doing a last minute floral arrangement. You’re the best!! Here’s a link to her amazing work. @flaurabotanica

Cloudland Canyon Elopement
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Augusta Engagement - Augusta Wedding Photographers

Augusta-Georgia-Wedding-and-Engagement-Photographer (24).jpg

We were basically covered in grass and dirt, laughing til our stomachs hurt by the end of this. These two are the giggliest, most sweetest people ever and running through fields with them was so fun. We explored an abandoned property outside of Augusta until we found a beautiful overgrown field behind a wooded area. It was overcast, wet and windy but these two didn’t care. They snuggled, kissed and loved on each other the entire time. Can’t wait for their wedding this spring!

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Anna + Josh | Toccoa Falls Engagement

toccoa-falls-georgia-engagement (47).jpg

I want to thank you for being the love I needed when I thought I didn't need love.

It changed me.

It softened me.

And even though I didn't know it at the time, it saved me.

- JmStorm

Alan & Kristie | First Presbyterian Church Wedding | Macon, GA

first-presbyterain-church-macon-wedding (55).jpg

Alan & Kristie, two of the most humble, kind and loving humans I've ever met, married at First Presbyterian Church in Macon, GA amongst thirty of their closest friends and family. Their wedding was unique in so many ways but the moment that stood out to me the most was during the ceremony when the preacher asked them to stop,  take a moment and enjoy what they were doing. The emotion overcome me to the point I put my camera away and allowed myself to be in the moment with them.  So often in life we let the moments slip away from us and its hard to enjoy the little things that matter most. I am so humbled to have experienced this. Congratulations Alan & Kristie!