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Intimate Couple's Session at the Suwannee River | Valdosta Wedding Photographers

Two things that inspire me most are people in love and discovering amazing locations. There is nothing better than intimacy in photos of couples in nature. I love watching them explore together, their eyes light up, the delicate touch of each others hand while they climb rocks or walk through water, the way they hold each other with incredible softness and breathe the moment in. Kari and Shawn are two beautiful people with an amazing love for each other. Being able to witness and capture all these intimate and romantic gestures between them is something that I’m grateful to have the opportunity to do always.

After driving 15 minutes outside of Valdosta, we met in the park and were greeted by the sounds of running water and birds. After a short walk we arrived at the Suwannee river. I am always impressed by the beauty and sounds of nature and the Suwannee river is definitely a majestic place to experience. Its flowing river, green stones and beautiful sounds will remain in your heart for a very long time.

Josh + Johnna | Swainsboro Georgia Engagement

I'm a sucker for a high-school sweetheart story so naturally when Johanna contacted me about their wedding I was super stoked!

This session was held on their family land where Josh and Johnna will have their dream wedding next October, right in the town where they grew up and eventually fell in love.

They are so beautiful - it's an incredible thing to watch. The way they interact, laugh, and look into each others eyes knowing they are home. I'm so honoured to be shooting their wedding.

Dublin Georgia Engagement | Ben + Ashley

Ben proposed to Ashley beside this beautiful pond on her father's property, so it was only fitting to take their engagement pictures where this beautiful memory was made.

We had a blast while exploring together. I loved hearing all the stories about many areas of the property where so many memories where made.

From the bridge where Ben proposed, to the pond they all helped build with her father, right to mama's front porch where they ended the evening with laughter and love. I truly can’t wait to go back again!