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Black Balsam Knob Elopement | Asheville Wedding Photographer

If your local to the Ashville area, you’ve probably heard of Black Balsam Knob in the Pisgah National Forest. With easy access right of the parkway and a fairly easy hike with stunningly beautiful views from the top, make this a perfect destination for eloping. For years I’ve dreamed of photographing an intimate wedding or elopement in a place like this and now that the experience has happened, there is so much I have to say. Firstly I want to thank everyone involved in this shoot, who I will list below. It was a dream working with you all and from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Our day started with a 3am alarm and a two hour drive to meet Josh and Anna near Looking Glass Falls. While they were waiting for us to arrive, they seen a bear. Totally freaked out they gave us a ring and we talked to them almost the entire drive there. We could not stop laughing. Giving suggestions about what to do if the bear approached them. Stand up big and tall, make big noises, run, get on the ground in the fetal position, it was hilarious. Once we arrived and gave them a big hug, we all jumped in the car and headed up the mountain. When we arrived to the trail head we all realized how dark it was going to be while hiking…. in bear infested woods.. truth be told, we were scared shitless. We huddled together, never getting as far as arms reach from each other. Once we neared the top, Josh got a huge cramp in his leg (remember to stretch before a hike) which we did not do because the excitement to reach the top made us forget everything about everything. He was a trooper and finished the hike.

Once we reached the top, we all just stood there and said nothing. Blown away by the beauty that was around us. It truly took our breath away. I love places like this. Places that force you to put down your camera and just gaze in its beauty. The sunrise, views, clouds, weather was perfect. Our adventure was perfect. We ended our time together with breakfast at Granny’s. A little restaurant tucked away in a little shopping center in Brevard, NC. If you get the chance to go, do it and make sure to order one of her giant pancakes!

black balsam knob elopement

Josh Royston

Anna Gilliland

Russell Double

Melissa Runyon