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Hi! I’m Hannah, a wedding photographer living in the beautiful state of Georgia. I'm drawn to capturing authentic, intricate, in between moments full of genuine emotion. For as long as I can remember I've had some type of camera in my hands. Always fascinated with how a camera could tell a story with no words and create images that speak to me. This journey has been the most rewarding decision I've ever made. I feel as thou I was born to be a creative. To be able to photograph people on such an intimate level is an endless blessing. A session with me is wholly focused on taking the time to slow down and really appreciate each other and your surroundings. Please take a look around my site and if it speaks to you, let's connect!


Some of my favorite things

Road trips, hiking and exploring new places with my little loves.

Coffee or whiskey with friends around a campfire or a table playing cards.

Big, tight bear hugs.

Thrift stores.