" Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is. " - Anonymous

I start my mornings with coffee and meditating in prayer, always overcome with the feeling of peace and gratitude that I am so blessed to do what I love everyday. My journey as a photographer began with my mother. She always had cameras and loved taking them everywhere we went. She literally has trunks full of photographs of our family. I've always been fascinated with freezing time through photographs. For me, when I look back at old photos the feeling of that moment the photo was taken, I can relive and in that moment I realize how important making memories through photography truly is. I realize I am a seeker of love. I want to know it, document it, be totally engulfed in it. Capturing love in its most natural form through documenting beautiful journeys through people. I want my photographs to tell a story, the story of true love. One who's love echoes through time. These stories simply display natural beauty and love in its rawest form.  My goal as a photographer is simply providing my clients with a complete professional experience filled with love, laughter and enjoyment, while making them feel as comfortable as possible. Touching their hearts with unique and unforgettable photos full of genuine emotion.